Your Right to a Free Press is on Trial

Updated: Jul 22

Freedom of the press states that it is a right to express oneself and communicate through published media, such as print and video. The right to freedom of the press is enshrined in a number of international treaties. A government should not obstruct this freedom or restrict material that is critical of government power. For many years, press freedom has been regarded as a necessary component of democracy.

In a democracy, citizens have the option of directly electing their government or electing representatives. Why is press freedom so crucial for democracy to thrive? What are the dangers to this liberty?

I cannot believe I am writing these words as an English man, although you would think that even after the year we have had I would not be surprised by both the depth of depravity this government would sink, I am absolutely disgusted by the latest proposals by this government to jail journalists who “embarrass” the government for up to 14 years.

Yes, you heard me, If a journalist embarrasses the government, they could be sentenced to prison for up to 14 years.

When I say I have been disgusted by the depravity of this government, well … game, set, and match … they have still managed to both shock me and to drop the bar that one level lower.