Young Libertarians Leader Calls Out Left-Wing Campus Bias

Milton Keynes, UK – The October Libertarian Party Conference welcomed both party members and the public to hear speeches and take part in debates on a range of topics from currency and national debt to healthcare. One of those speaking was Harley Dalton, National Young Libertarians Coordinator. Dalton took to the stage to call for student party activists to get involved in Young Libertarians, the party’s youth-wing, and join the push back against left-wing bias on campus.

Overwhelming Left-Wing Bias

Harley Dalton identified what he saw as part of the problem. “We’ve all heard and read about the overwhelming progressive and left-wing bias in our education system; the reported statistics that 70% of Key Stage 3 teachers vote Labour, or that 80% of university lecturers supported Remain, or even that 1 in 5 faculty members in the social sciences identifies as a Marxist.”

Reflecting on his own experience Dalton expressed a wish that the statistics and what they implied might be wrong but had to concede that his “fears are very much being realised.”

“Over the last few years, with the rise of self-proclaimed social justice activists, Antifa and the Cult of Old Man Red over in the Labour party, such ideas have manifested in a much more prominent and aggressive way,” he said.

And the problem is not merely limited to fringe groups of extremists either.

Students Trapped In Echo Chambers

“Britain’s campuses have de facto announced their unquestioned fealty to the progressive Marxist doctrines of diversity, inclusivity and equity” said Dalton.

“Students attend these institutions having been taught nothing whatsoever about economics, not knowing what took place in the Soviet Union, thinking Nazi Germany was a capitalist state. And when they get there, they’re given trigger warnings about racism in anti-slavery poems, that being offended is the measure of whether something is right or wrong, and they’re trapped in algorithmic echo chambers of their own making on social media, protected from opposing views and any challenge to their beliefs.”

In his speech Dalton praised the separate Students for Liberty organisation for their ‘Speak Freely’ campaign in the UK, which encourages students to challenge progressive orthodoxy and bring true intellectual inquiry back to campuses. He also highlighted the Boycott NUS campaign for its vital work in “exposing what a joke that allegedly representative body truly is.”

New Youth-Wing