To fix the environment we need "Free-Market Environmentalism" not Government

Anyone concerned about climate change had little reason to rejoice at the conclusion of the four-day G7 conference in Cornwall. The majority of the pledges were old news, with the UK reiterating its £500 million pledge for ocean conservation efforts and the group reiterating its intention to halt funding for coal extraction in other countries but this comes as no surprise.

The approach taken by our government lacks creativity and is a perfect example of why we should stop thinking that the government can solve any problem we face today and instead we should start looking elsewhere for both inspiration and leadership. Our Government's response to any problem is usually overhand, underthought, and is always followed by a large sum of taxpayers' money which has no hope in realistically solving anything bar looking good when reported in the media.

This is where my love of "Free Market Environmentalism" comes in. If the government stepped aside long ago and instead let the actual experts deal with this issue, we would have already made great progress not just as a country but globally. If engineers, scientists, and business leaders were not tied up in the bureaucracy of government and the slow-moving machine it operates we would have both the technological innovation needed to rely sustainably on renewable energy which would be in turn cheaper than it is currently as businesses would have the confidence in investing in such technoligies.

I bet right now though, many of you are thinking ... "well this sounds nice in theory" so let me hopefully explain the merits of "Free-Market Environmentalism".