The Libertarian outlook for telecommunications

Updated: Jun 3

Have you ever wondered why your internet is slow, why you have no mobile signal? I know I have and as someone who lives relatively in a rural area, this is a question I am asking daily basis. For most, they will blame their service providers, but this is far from the truth. Unless you are a Virgin Media customer or a customer of the new start-up Full Fibre Providers you are ultimately using Openreach's systems and hardware. It is worth noting that Openreach is owned by BT.

I can get into the technicality of the networks as a whole but this is more complicated than needed for my argument. However, for most of you, your internet speeds are affected by the telephone cable which goes from your telephone socket to the green cabinets you may see on the streets and then onto the telephone exchange buildings.

Now, I do not want to go into more detail than that because the ins and outs are not what is important, however, with this basic knowledge in mind it will help with the next section.

According to a new study, the UK's average internet connections are among the worst in the developed world. In a global estimate of average broadband speeds in 2020, the UK was ranked below Barbados, Panama, and Thailand, failing to crack the top 40 countries which for a country that is supposed to be world-leading is nothing short of abysmal.