Objections overruled for new Libertarian Party Association meeting.

Local Libertarians demand to know the involvement of Harting Ltd, a major employer in Northampton, who objected to the holding of a Northants Libertarian Forum in order to kick start an exciting new Libertarian Party Association locally!

The event is to be held at Earls Barton library on Friday April 12th at 6.30pm. All are welcome.

Local councillor, Wayne Mills, has been passionately involved in saving Earls Barton Library from closure, including a Parish Council role on the steering group and as a proposed Trustee on the new community charity that will be running the service soon. The charity will pay a peppercorn rent to the council, having already achieved an Asset of Community Value status, and that way helping to prevent its closure.

The letter of complaint, which was dismissed by Northampton County Council’s Chief Executive, was sent by a Mr Scott Brown of Harting Ltd; Mr Brown is a known Conservative activist and member.

Cllr. Mills said, “As a long-term supporter of the Library as both a councillor and a “friend”, it is obvious I would ask if we could rent space in the library first. I hope many, many more people will do so in the village moving forward, it is an excellent facility for community use. The community will shortly be in control of the building and NCC are still maintaining their statutory obligation to provide a library service in Earls Barton, to me it is a real win/win for our villagers!”

“My booking is being paid for by the party and is within the NCC guidelines for hiring out it’s libraries to groups and political parties. I am sure regular users of the library discuss politics daily in the building with the Tory controlled County Council financial fiasco and Brexit hot topic’s right now”!

“However, the bottom line is that this is as a result of his own parties’ failings that such community groups are needed to supplement Tory budget cuts! In that spirit, I feel he should be thanking the community for stepping u