• ggogerly

Government By Consent Is Over.

Rosa Parks was asked to move to the back of the bus. She simply said “No”. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how it’s done.

The official announcement is not until Monday, but the media are already carrying the story that ‘restrictions’ will continue for another month, with July 19th being touted as the new likely date. Tracked and traced wherever we go, nightclubs closed, pubs and cafes running at a fraction of capacity, and the hopes of a holiday abroad fading fast. That last lifting of the curbs on freedom would also see an end to restrictions on performances, weddings and other life events.

Even the disastrous former PM, Theresa May, stood in Parliament yesterday and called out a few facts about Boris’ government. She pointed out that despite Britain being so far ahead with the v@((ine programme, it was now being overtaken by the rest of Europe as far as restoring freedoms were concerned. Despite the high percentage of the populace having been y@c(inated, travel was still pretty much banned.

The country is falling behind, with a government scared of its own shadow, because of a v*r*s that, after y@c(inations have been taken into account, is now on a par with the annual flu count which everyone accepts as part of life.

Data apparently suggests that nearly two-thirds of people infected with the Delta variant have not had a single dose of a C*vid v@((ine. Which makes them younger, on average, and very much less likely to be hospitalised over it. We’re also told that it's having had the second dose that ma