• ggogerly

Exercise Is The Medicine Everyone Should Take For Covid -19.

The pandemic impacted many businesses, and we've heard much in the media about travel and hospitality. However, one industry has a vital role in recovering the economy and the nation, the fitness and leisure sector.

The government has placed minimal emphasis on the fitness sector or promoting the importance of healthy lifestyle choices in battling the pandemic. Yet, sports and activity play a vital role in children and adults' social and mental well-being.

The mainstream media have virtually ignored James Haskell's advocacy of the "Workout to Help Out" scheme. A scheme that the government refused to support in response to an online petition back in March.

Coaches and Personal Trainers play an essential role in assisting those who have had COVID-19 in their rehabilitation and getting back to normal health.

According to UK Active, over 400 facilities have closed with more than 8000 jobs lost. Those that remain in business are focused on the commercial sustainability of their operations. Many of those 8000 people may never return to the fitness industry.

They highlighted that 1,300 of the 2,727 leisure centres run by local councils and 20% of the UK's swimming pools could permanently close over the next six months unless the government intervenes.

The loss of privately owned and publicly funded facilities will only hinder our recovery to health.

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