Capitalism vs Corporatism, why we need to rescue Capitalism.

In order to effectively understand the differences between capitalism and corporatism, one needs to have an understanding of what each means. The main difference between capitalism and corporatism is that capitalism is a socio-economic system that is related to private or personal ownership of economic assets which are used for profit.

And the word Corporatism is an institutional political belief that illustrates corporate groups like the military, big business, etc., operating for the good of the country. So, while both are founded on the recognition of the individual and group rights to manage their own affairs independently of other individuals or groups, the way they administer their resources or wealth is radically different.

The word "corporatism" is often used to describe the way in which large corporations, not only dominate the market but also government, politics, and even our personal lives. This argument is that big business should be constrained and regulated so that capitalism functions as intended.

The phenomenon of corporate unbridled dominance is not an accident of capitalism, but an inevitable consequence of the current form of capitalism. The current form of capitalism is a system that confuses the simple exchange of goods and money. In today's world, for most of the last century, we did not have capitalism with a welfare state or corporatism; we had a so-called mixed economy, with remnants of capitalist freedom but many rampant controls and taxes.

The obfuscation of the real nature of capitalism and the blurring of the distinction between the concepts of capitalism and corporatism make it difficult for most people to understand the cause and effect of disasters and corr