Bill Etheridge MEP Joins Libertarian Party

Dear fellow libertarian,

I resigned from UKIP on Tuesday and joined the UK Libertarian Party four days later. As far as I am concerned, I switched labels but remained true to my beliefs – for UKIP has left me, not the other way around.

In its constitution in 2010, UKIP declares itself a libertarian party. That constitution is still in force. However, you would not know it from a UKIP leader advocating state ownership and control – which has to be paid for with higher taxes – and attacking an entire religion as if everyone who believes in it is the same. How can hundreds of millions of people all be regarded as identical in their beliefs – subscribing to what he calls a ‘death cult’? That is absurd.

Therefore, I decided I had to switch to a real libertarian party, which fits principles held my entire adult life. Where to go?

In my office are photos of Churchill and Margaret Thatcher. If the Conservative Party was remotely the party of these political giants, I might still be in it. But we, the electorate, face a choice between Corbynite Marxism and pastel pink Maybot social democracy also advocating more regulation and taxation – but just not as much as Corbyn.

Yes, the Maybot pays lip-service to the power of free markets but of actual policies to support this or which might reduce the tax burden, nyet, zilch, nada, nothing.

As for the liberals: please explain to me how a party of protection, big-business corporatism and the big-regulation ‘super-state’ that is the EU can possibly deserve the moniker ‘liberal’? John Stuart Mill would be turning in his grave.


the Libertarian party is currently small, though they did get about 150 people to their annual conference in Milton Keynes on a cold, wet Saturday. There I heard clear thinking. They actually want to increase individual freedom, widen personal choice, allow you to keep more of your own money and stop the state saying ‘you can’t do that’ and ‘you must do this’.

Their goals are mine:

we must treat people as individuals, not bury them in a label which they themselves may reject;

we must extend individual choice and freedom;

we must try to allow people to keep more of their own money.