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Airline Exodus

With re*tricti*ns being lifted in many parts of the continent and with the UK having extending the re*tricti*ns for another four weeks, easyjet have started moving their jets from airports here in the UK to Germany in an effort to cope with the rising demand for trips by Europeans. Other airlines are taking similar action as they make sound business moves to keep their airlines airborne.

The PM and his cabinet came to a decision to keep us in limbo for a further four weeks, the delayed decision to implement travel bans from India earlier to halt the D v*ri*nt from taking hold in the UK, was in my opinion a grave mistake. It is the travel industry that is now going to have to pay the price for this indecision. Many people have lost their jobs in this sector and this extension is another big blow with the knock on affect rippling through the country.

There seems to be an air of indecision and over cautiousness by the government when facing these decisions. It does seem that they are only focusing on the scientific data that their so called "experts" are giving them. There should be involvement by other epidemiologists and other medical specialists and industry bosses to determine the safety aspects of their particular sector and how they can open up. Four weeks is a long time in business and may be too late for many.

An article in the Independant yesterday a spokesperson for easyjet said "We are seeing European governments progressively opening up using frameworks in place which enable travel and much of it r*stricti*n free."

They continued "This relaxation and removal of r*stricti*ns has sparked a positive booking momentum across Europe with the majority of our bookings showing a strong swing towards Europe - when in normal times it would be a 50/50 split with the UK." *

*source the Independant online.

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